Tsoni:to (Tso-nay-doh)
The Beaver Clan is a Clan of the Water. All clans represent on element of either earth, air, or water.
10/3/2012 12:27:33 am

My clans name is The Beaver Clan.

The beaver works hard and they are good natured animals. Their teeth are strong enough cut down some trees to make forest a little thinner. They warn other animals of intruders by slapping their tails on water just so they have enough time to go and hide. They are also patient, organized, coperative, creative, and secure about mother nature.

The Beaver Clan is an industrious group. The clan are wise protectors of their families. They appreciate both land and water. They are admired by the circle of iroquois clans.

10/3/2012 12:28:27 am

The beaver clan are very industrious people whose animal can make perfect dams by using their large front buck teeth to bite through very thick trees to design the ultimate dams to hold water which turns them to wetlands designed to purify water. The Beaver Clan are also very artistic, self-sufficient, creative and, patient

10/3/2012 12:29:32 am

-It has strong teeth to cut down trees.
-They can flatten things like sticks into thier dams.
-They will slap thier tails on the water to warn other beavers that danger is near.
-They work as a group to build dams.
-They are very close to Mother Nature.
-We are an industrioous group.
-Self sufficient and not much escapes thier attention.
-Patient, organized, working deligently to keep things in order.
-Creative, good natured, working well in thier community.
-Wise protecters and connected well to nature.

10/8/2012 03:19:16 pm

The beaver is a very hard worker with big teeth and big tail. The big teeth are used to cut down trees and their big tail is used to pat down the wood or branches to flatten them out. The beaver also uses their tails to defend themselves against snakes or wolves and they use their tail to warn their friends of danger. Beavers work very hard and are organized when they build their dams. Beavers are good natured animals and are very cooperative when working together. People are chosen for this clan because they possess traits that are just like beavers like working hard, being organized, and also very patient.

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That mas
1/2/2017 10:31:50 pm

I just learned of my family being part of this. Makes me wish I knew more about my heritage.

2/5/2019 12:28:53 pm

some times beavers where selfish and didn't think of other people/animals. but we are brave and persevere though hard times.


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