10/17/2012 00:56:29

In the great law of peace video I felt that they were making a big efort for them to be putting their anger into a hole and working together. If they didn't have the great law of peace they would just kill each other and steal each others food.

10/17/2012 00:58:00

The great law of Peace is a tree that brought all of the nation's together. If the Great Law of Peace didn't exist the nations would kill each other and they wouldn't be much of the first nations left. The Great Law of Peace is a tree that represents their nation

10/17/2012 00:58:34

Before the great law of peace, people kept killing each other. They put evil in a hole and put a tree on it. The tree represents peace for all the nations.

10/17/2012 01:01:13

I think the video is good its cool i like how the great law peace maker is a tree that helpd people not to fight.

10/17/2012 01:02:55

The Iroquois confederacy
Way long ago Iroquois were fighting and they want to stop the fight so they called on the demons and.They promise to never fight again and thats how world peace was made.

10/17/2012 01:03:01

I felt about the video that when they made a circle. And when they put their anger into the hole they made peace. If the great law of peace would not be there all the people would of killed each others.

10/17/2012 01:04:47

In my opinion the Great Law of Peace was made to protect others from harm. They would pray to take the evil out of them and send it away to create peace with the other clans. They decided to make the Great Law of Peace because it was better to work together not kill eachother. If the Great Law of Peace didn't exist we would be living in an ugly world full of anger, hatred, and death. A tree is a symbol of peace because the Iriqois used it to lock up the evil spirits. The tree still represents the native people and always will.


10/17/2012 01:05:07

The Great Law of Peace was started becuase the people were fighting and some people were hungry. They did a ceremony and the evil spirits went down a hole. The people planted a tree so the tree now symbolizes peace. If they didn't plant the tree, we would not be here today.

10/17/2012 01:05:17

In class we watched a video clip. The video of the Peacemaker who had told other clans to get rid of the evil inside them. After that the Peacemaker and the clans became one nation called the 'Iroquois,' making a great peace within them.

10/17/2012 01:05:38

The Peacemaker
I think the movie was about the Iroquois. When they were fighting and hsd bad energy in there body's. There was a hole werer all the bad energy went. After they closed it so the bad energy wouldn't get out again. If they didn't come together i think we wouldn't be here.

10/17/2012 01:07:42

It was long ago when there wasn't peace. People killed each other in wars, until a man stood up and spoke. He said that there should be peace. Everyone agreed, because they would've worked better together to make a wonderful future. If they never made this decision, I would probably not have a safe place to live. I might even not be alive right now if it wasn't for peace. I still believe that the Great Law of Peace still exists.

10/17/2012 01:08:06

I think the Great Law of Peace was a great idea because then everyone would kill everyone and die also we would never be born. The Great Law of Peace made them a good tribe, so they can hunt and work better. The Tree of Peace represents peace to the tribs and all the demons and negative energy are gone. So they put the tree where it all was and sono bad stuff could get out.

10/17/2012 01:09:14

I think the great law of peace is good because ther is less fighting and less starving.

10/17/2012 01:10:51

By Trayton from 6gle.The peacemaker stoped the Iroquois from more and greater wars so the peacemaker ended the wars with the other clans.All of the clans came together and put all of thr bad in them and put it under a big tree there was a big hole under the tree and thats were thay put the evil in.Now that tree is called the tree of peace.I my self think the peacemaker did a realy good thing and there is still peace today in the confederacy.

10/17/2012 01:11:26

The tree represents peace if the demon did not the go inthe ground forever we will be all killed but we work to gather and the demon was gon forever

Mikyla Janzen
10/17/2012 01:12:40

The Great Law of Peace
When the lroquois when they killed each other the lroquois was putting stuff in the great law of peace. Then the devil came up they put the tree of great peace back together. They lived in peace and helped each other after that.

10/17/2012 01:15:41

Hi I'm a gr.6 student and I'm responding to the video, The Great Law of Peace,
The chiefs where fighting, and killing each other so one chief stood up and said '' stop killing each other and start considering making peace!" and they talked, and agreed. So they meditated and had a ceremony, and finally the evil was gone! They planted a tree " the Tree of Peace" which meant they would have peace and not fight. I'm glad that they made The Great Law Of Peace or I would be toasted for life!

Cody Harp
10/17/2012 01:15:53

The video is about peace. Because there was fighting, the Iroquois Confederacy was created. They sent away the evil spirits into a hole in the ground where it could never escape and planted a tree to cover the hole. The Peace tree still has power because the Iroquois people are still alive today and live in peace.

10/17/2012 01:16:24

I think that the video is trying to tell us that a tree is a symbol of peace and that a bunch of leaves is a clan. It`s a clan because on other branches there are different leaves which would be another clan. Then when they sway when it`s windy it`s like them fighting. But when The Great Law of Peace comes it`s like the trunk.

10/17/2012 01:19:22

In the video, I felt like they were doing a big effort. They were making a desicion to help each other in a time of need. The two tribes put in their weapons and their anger in the hole. When they were done they put a tree in that hole so the evil deosn't get out. If they killed each other than the great peace wouldn't exist today.

10/17/2012 01:24:05

The Great Law of Peace video was about people getting together and not fighting. the world would be a bad place if the Iroquois confederacy ageerd that the world would be a better a better place.

10/17/2012 01:24:58

The Graet Law of Peace
The video was good, I Learned that the nations were fiqhtinq they came together and became friends to strenqthen each other.


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